I present to you maofree

It could be said of me that I am an expert of modding and computer in general, and more recently, Web site developer. In reality I really love to study and keep up to date on future technology and the endless possibilities that they offer us and the study and curiosity about this world will inevitably be reflected on things I do. I am a supporter of Open Source systems such as Linux and BSD, fascinated by the server systems and their infinite configurations and always looking for new security solutions. Recently, developing websites, I'm having to create modules for CMS such as Joomla and Prestashop, and experiment always new effects to create a pleasant and fun sites to navigate, using frameworks like jQuery, Prototype and mootools. In this field, my goal is to create innovative and solid products, I think is very important to make a good composition of the source code and W3C validation during the development of a new website or new modules.
Oops, I forgot, in this study I am also majoring in Software Engineering!!